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Guizhou seeks out more Hong Kong tourists

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Updated: 2019-02-19

The 2019 Happy Chinese New Year Temple Fair was held in Sha Tin Park, Hong Kong from Feb 15 to 18, giving Southwest China's Guizhou province an opportunity to promote itself.

The temple fair is an annual event that showcases customs, folk culture, unique products, and intangible cultural heritage items from the Chinese mainland.

Guizhou seeks out more Hong Kong tourists
A full-scale model of a high-speed train. [Photo/gog.cn]

As the chosen province for this year, Guizhou brought an array of wonders to the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong people were given a chance to experience the rich culture, natural beauty, and delicious food of Guizhou through exhibitions, performances, and interaction.

Over 50 Guizhou musical instruments, wind, rainfall, and other natural sounds, full-scale models of high-speed trains, ethnic performances, and intangible cultural heritage items made Hong Kong people feel like they were really in Guizhou.

Guizhou seeks out more Hong Kong tourists
An inheritor of Miao intangible cultural heritage shows off her handicrafts. [Photo/gog.cn]

Nine cities and prefectures throughout Guizhou brought thousands of Guizhou agricultural products and handicrafts, including chilies, tea, lacquer ware, and Miao silverware.

In addition, souvenirs featuring distinct Guizhou cultural elements were also loved by Hong Kong people.

Guizhou seeks out more Hong Kong tourists
Hong Kong people pose for a group photo with traditional ethnic costume displays. [Photo/gog.cn]

During the temple fair, a total of 7,500 tickets valued at over 1.2 million yuan ($177,350) offered by 18 scenic spots and tourism enterprises, including the famous Huangguoshu Waterfall and Fanjing Mountain, were given out via prize draws or the official WeChat account.

According to an employee at the Hong Kong Entertainment Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the event increased Hong Kong's understanding of Guizhou and promoted a new level of cooperation between the two regions.

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